Creating Images for your Products


Adobe Solutions Enablement Team

How to associate images with your Adobe Exchange product

May 13, 2014 13:57 PDT

For each product that you offer on Adobe Exchange, you can upload preview images, a product icon, and an image to represent your product when it is chosen as a featured product.

This page provides guidelines for creating each of these image types and associating them with your product:

There are lots of Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop, Fireworks, InDesign, and Illustrator, that you can use create the images and icons in the sizes and file format (PNG or JPG) required.

You can download templates from Adobe Exchange Assets to help you with creating your images.

Preview images

Preview images act as a marketing tool, since users can access the preview images before actually downloading your product. Use the preview images to showcase the functionality of your product. For example, you can choose images that:

  • Demonstrate key features of your product
  • Assist a user in navigating your product’s UI, using cropped screenshots
  • Introducing slogans to represent your product

You can upload preview images as part of defining your product for submission, as described in Getting Started with the Producer Portal. Click “Images” when editing your product details to see the “Preview Images” section. You can update the images when you update your product; for example, to highlight a new feature or interface changes.

You can upload up to 5 preview images. You do not have to make use of all 5 image slots, but we find that products with more images receive more interest from users, so we encourage you to take advantage of the free image uploads. Images, especially with captions, can often say more about a product than the Description or Title.

  • All images must be in PNG or JPG format.
  • All images must be 331 × 331 pixels

If there is text in your image, make sure it is legible. Remember, what you see on screen is what the user will see, so make sure the image is sharp!

When you add an image to your product details, you can also provide a caption for that image. The caption is not required, but we encourage you to use it. Think of the image caption as an addition to the product Description; you can use it to describe elements or capabilities of your product.

Product icons

The product icon is the image that appears when a user searches for your product name on the Creative Cloud Add-ons website or in the Exchange Panel. The product icon, unlike preview images, does not need to demonstrate anything about product usage; it just needs to be eye-catching.

  • You must provide one 60 × 60 pixel icon in PNG or JPG format.

You should create an icon that will encourage users to want to click into your product. It is best not to use text or slogans, which would be too small to read. Create something colorful, that will stand out against both the black panel background and the white Add-Ons website background.

Here are some examples of good product icons:

Featured images

The featured image is used for products that have been selected by Adobe to appear in the Featured Products section of the Exchange panel or Add-ons website. This image is not required as part of your product submission, but it will save you time if your product is selected as a Featured Product, if the image is already in place.

  • A featured image must be in PNG or JPG format, 195 × 160 pixels.

Featured images are typically entirely separate from the Preview and Product Icon images. You want an image that demonstrates what your product does at first glance, so as to encourage users to click into the product for more information. This image can be a very powerful marketing tool. It should have a compelling design, and should include the product name as text. Because it is bigger than the icons, it can also include text for a key feature or slogan.

Here are a few examples of featured images that tell the story of the product and entice users:

Here are some design suggestions:

  • DO: Keep it simple, with an uncluttered design and a minimum of words required that convey the key message about your product. You have a small area of screen space to catch the users’ attention, make the most of it!
  • DO: Make it visually appealing and use imagery to help describe your product.
  • DO: Say what your product does, if it’s not obvious from the product name or image.
  • DO: Entice users to click to learn more.
  • DO: Make it bold. You are competing for attention from the user; think about what your featured design needs to do in order to compel the user to learn more about your product.
  • DO: Use colors that will stand out on both light and dark backgrounds.
  • DON’T: Make your design too small and therefore difficult to see or read.
  • DON’T: Just provide a logo of your product with no text. Even if your product is well known, you cannot assume that all users know what it is.
  • DON’T: Use a screenshot of your product in the featured product image unless it is small enough to help convey your intended message, or will help entice the user to learn more and understand what your product does.
  • DON’T: Write too much text. The audience for Adobe Exchange is global and the design should focus on the product name and associated imagery.
  • DON’T: Use imagery that you don’t have the rights or permissions to use.
  • DON’T: Reference the price if it is a paid product as the price is converted to the user’s local currency. You could mention your product is Free, if applicable and you feel it will help increase downloads.
  • DON’T: Create a graphic that will fade into the background.
  • DON’T: Use too many tiny details.