Product Migration to Adobe Add-ons


Adobe Solutions Enablement Team

Migrating your existing products to the current platform

Jun 23, 2015 06:26 PDT

We are replacing the existing online marketplaces (Exchange Classic, Photoshop Marketplace, and OSMF Marketplace) with the new Adobe Exchange, called Adobe Add-ons. The existing marketplaces will be closed and redirect to the Adobe Add-ons website from June 26, 2014.

The new Exchange does not support MXPs, so some content currently hosted on the old marketplace sites will not be migrated to the new Exchange. We suggest that producers actively submit their content to the new Exchange, rather than relying on an automated migration.

As we get underway with the migration of products from the old platforms onto the new Exchange, the previous sites will no longer be available to users, but will redirect to the new Adobe Add-ons website.

Ratings and Reviews from previous platforms will not be transferred to the new Exchange. Many existing reviews and ratings are now out of date, and the products have been updated since certain ratings and reviews were left. We want all products on the new Exchange to start off on an equal footing as new products.

Marketplace comparison

Adobe Add-ons introduces a number of new capabilities and benefits versus earlier online marketplaces. This chart highlights some of the key features and benefits.

Submitting products

We can only accept products on the new Exchange that will work with Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud Adobe desktop applications. You do not have to be a Creative Cloud subscriber in order to submit content compatible for CC users.

  • If your product is meant only for the Creative Cloud version of your host desktop application, then the file you are submitting can be uploaded straight from your desktop.
    • Your product must be uploaded as a single file, but can be any kind of file, such a template, Action, or Brush.
    • If you have multiple files, package them as a single ZIP file.
  • If your product must be compatible with CS6 versions, you must submit a ZXP.
    • We recommend using Adobe Exchange Packager to package your files and create a ZXP. You can download Packager from: http://www.adobeexchange.com.
    • You can submit a single ZXP package that will work with both CS6 and CC versions.

To submit products for Adobe Exchange/Add-ons, you must sign in with (or sign up for) a free Adobe ID at the Producer Portal. We can upgrade you to an unlimited producer account. Just sign up for an account at the Producer Portal and send us email that includes your publisher name. To get upgraded, or if you have any questions or issues, contact us at avetting@adobe.com.

Obtaining Adobe Extension Manager

Adobe Extension Manager is required in order to install or test Add-ons in CS6 through CC 2014. For all CC versions, installation of Add-ons can be handled automatically by the Creative Cloud Desktop App, which incorporates Extension Manager. You can also choose to download Extension Manager separately:

For CC 2015 and later, you can no longer install Add-ons directly using Extension Manager. Users must install through the CC Desktop App. Developers can download the ExMan command tool for testing: