Marketing your Exchange Products


Judy Bogart

Promoting and marketing your products

Dec 10, 2012 09:34 PST

We are investing in publicity for and promotion of Adobe Exchange. As a producer, you
are getting the benefit from that marketing effort. You can participate in a number of
ways to help identify your product with Adobe Exchange and take advantage of existing

Branding your Adobe Exchange products

We provide a badge that identifies your product as being available through
Adobe Exchange. When you use this badge, you are automatically participating
in our own marketing and promotion efforts, as well as leading your users to your
other products and offerings.

You can use these badges on your website and in your e-mails, and even incorporate
them into your product UI. We provide a standard version, and a smaller version for
use where space is tighter.

You can pick up either badge right here. Just right-click (in Windows) or Ctrl+click (in Mac OS)
and choose “Save image as” or “Download linked file” (according to your web browser).

  • We suggest that you link the badge to the Adobe Exchange website, so users can download
    the Adobe Exchange Panel and get access to your product.
  • Please use these badges as provided and do not alter them in any way.
    If you have any questions relating to the use of the badges, you can ask
    them when submitting your product.

Promoting your Adobe Exchange products in social media

Adobe Exchange participates actively in social media. Adobe Exchange has it’s own
Facebook page, in addition to an Adobe TV Channel and Twitter account.
We recommend that you consider the integration of social media into your products
to be part of your development effort.


We have integrated Twitter into Adobe Exchange. You, the producer, can automatically
tweet to your followers when a product is released or featured. All you have to do
is provide your Twitter details when setting up your Producer account.

We have some other work in progress in terms of Twitter capabilities and are
looking at several ways to promote products on Adobe Exchange, we will let you
know about these capabilities as we introduce them but wanted to share these
badges now they are ready.


Facebook can be an important marketing tool. Adobe Exchange itself has a Facebook presence;
check out the current content on our Facebook page

If you don’t already have one, you should seriously consider creating a Facebook presence for your
own company and products; see http://www.facebook.com/business

You can use some of the powerful Facebook tools to help promote your Exchange products.
For instance:

  • Check out the Facebook Reach Generator
  • If you have a Facebook landing page, you can use it to promote marketing offers on your
    Adobe Exchange products, and direct people to Adobe Exchange. For some landing-page ideas, see
    this article
  • You can create Facebook event pages for products or product launches, and
    invite your Facebook friends to the events. See www.facebook.com/help/events